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Voice of Reason Radio Episode 17 Deeper Study Part 1: Evil and the Existence of God

During the last episode of Voice of Reason Radio (VORR), we discussed, “Evil and the Existence of God.” Since the subject matter is so complex, and our time on air is limited, we want to provide you with some resources to help clarify and edify you on this most important topic.

Let’s begin with John MacArthur and a sermon he gave titled, “Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?”


Reflect on This

  1.  How many types of evil are there in the world?
  2.  Can you list and name several different examples of evil?
  3.  Think of a time you were affected by a form of evil, how did you react?
  4.  Can you think of how an evil event brought you closer to Christ?
  5.  Paul was the Apostle of Suffering. How did Paul respond to suffering in 2 Corinthians 12?
  6.  Name one positive result in your life that was the result of suffering or hardship.

The Next Edition of Voice of Reason Radio

The newest recording of Voice of Reason Radio will be posted later but this is the video message given by David Platt, Chris and Rich discussed.  David Platt’s Message to NOBTS Chapel

The Books of the Kings: Lessons for the Church in America

This week Chris and Rich examine how the books of 1 & 2 Kings can give Christians an understanding of how they should live in a time when wicked rulers reign.

Making Idols of Service

This week, Rich and Chris talk about how serving within the ministries we are passionate about can become idols.  When we fail to recognize that the body of Christ is made up of many members with various gifts and callings, we can expect everyone to look and act like ourselves.  We must recognize God’s sovereign will places believers where He desires them to be.

Christianese 101 – Bumper Sticker Theology

This week Chris and Rich take on popular Christian phrases that may, or may not, be biblical in nature.  Should we be using these phrases? If not, what is the biblical alternative?

Infighting and Backbiting While Persecution Looms

This week Rich and Chris talk about the Christians’ penchant for less than hospitable theological arguments online.  Scripture commands us to love the brethren, how then must we act when discussing theology, especially in light of the coming persecution in our nation?

Tony Miano Talks “Project 10-19”

Chris and Rich get to host their former podcast boss, Tony Miano, as the first Voice of Reason Radio guest! Tony talks about his recent efforts to support the law enforcement community and reach them with the gospel through “Project 10-19.”  Listen in and find out how you can get involved!

Projects, Outreaches, and Gospel Films, Oh My!

This week Rich and Chris highlight some ministries and upcoming projects/outreaches that Christians can get involved in. Tune in and share!

Finding Hope in Hopeless Times

With the chaos of the world around, how and where can we find hope? This week, Chris and Rich discuss how Christians can look toward Christ and His sovereign will to find hope when everything seems hopeless.

SCOTUS, Texas, Abortion and the Christian Response

This week Chris and Rich discuss the Supreme Court’s decision involving the laws Texas passed regarding abortion facility requirements.  This decision reflects the American culture’s obsession with abortion and depravity.  How should Christians respond to this decision and how should we address those who support it?

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