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The Strange Things of American Evangelicalism

In this first show of 2018, Rich and Chris talk about problems within American Evangelicalism they would like to see end this year.

Why We Need Biblical Expositors

With the recent passing of R.C. Sproul, Rich and Chris discuss the desperate need in the church for solid biblical expositors.  Additionally, they give a warning about the fatal ditch that many online discernment ministries have fallen into.  

Abiding in the Law of Love

This week, Rich and Chris actually stay on task and talk about how we as Christians can evidence the Law of Love in our walk.

Chris and Rich Go Off the Rails

This week, Chris and Rich start off on a rambling rant and get lost in search of a topic. Enjoy!

How to be Truly Fair and Balanced

On this day before Thanksgiving episode, Rich and Chris continue their discussion about how we as Christians ought to view allegations of wrongdoing in our society.  Not only must we be cautious to not ascribe guilt without evidence but we must also not assume those who make the claim are simply lying.  We ought to take a balanced approach that seeks to protect the innocent and ministers to those who have suffered a traumatic experience.   

Catching the World Off Guard

This week, Chris and Rich discuss how Christians should act as lights in the darkness of this world.  With recent events in the news, Christians can respond in the same manner as the rest of the culture, or we can act in a Christ-like manner, surprising those who are watching us.  As Christians, our actions testify mightily to what we claim to believe.

Ears of Clay and Tongues of Fire

This week, Chris and Rich discuss the problem rampant within the culture, and even the church, where we fail to watch our words and do not want to hear what other people have to say.  Christians ought to be known as humble listeners and speakers, giving all glory to our God and Savior.

Death, Las Vegas, and the Gospel Cure

This week, Chris and Rich discuss the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the nature of sin and the only cure for it all, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do You Take God’s Authority for Granted?

This week, Rich and Chris discuss God’s authority in the life of a believer, both in those who have authority over us and in our submission to His Word.

Are You Afraid to Pray?

This week, Rich and Chris discuss the need for prayer in the life of a believer.  They also discuss how wrong thinking can sometimes cause us to fear to pray to God.

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