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Month: June 2017

If I Have Not Love

This week Rich and Chris talk about one of the most important aspects of our Christian walk, our love for our neighbors.

Christians and the Culture War – Love Your Enemy

There is little doubt to anyone that our nation is heavily divided along socio-political lines. Some have argued that we may be more divided than we have ever been. While such a claim is one for the historians to determine, I certainly can state that I have never seen such animosity amongst opposing worldviews in my lifetime. It is no longer characteristic of our culture to have well informed debates over cultural topics. In times past we would lay out our case, making specific points to be heard and understood. We would have listened to our opponents, taking in what they said, and making counter points for consideration. Today, it is rare if such give and take occurs. Rather than seeking to win converts to our thinking through sound argumentaion, we seek their utter domination.

We now engage in debates with a winner take all mentality. No longer do we seek to hear the voices of those who disagree with us. In fact, to allow them to speak at all is considered tantamount to treason. After all, if they stand in opposition to what we believe, they cannot possibly have anything meaningful to say. Thus, rather than allow them a platform where their beliefs can be discussed, we seek to shut down any and all avenues where they can be heard. And if we cannot keep them from speaking, we must utterly destroy their character. For, if one is considered to be the most vile form of life, then there is no need to hear what they have to say. In fact, their worldview is to be considered so worthless that we claim to hold to it is to be mentally ill.

There is much that can be lain at the feet of this development in our culture. The philosophy of post-modernism, the idea that all truth is valid truth, certainly has its part to play. If truth is what I determine it to be, then no one can ever have a point that is counter to my own. If I can dismiss your argument by simply claiming it is your truth and not my own, then I never have to be challenged in my thinking.

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Do The Ends Justify the Means?

This week Rich and Chris continue their discussion on forgiveness by asking the question, “Do I have to forgive someone who has not asked for it?” ¬†Additionally, they tackle the issue of the ends justifying the means. ¬†Can Christians fail to rightly represent another person or argument if it means being able to defeat an opposing worldview?

Lying and Forgiveness – Lessons from Kathy Griffin

This week, Rich and Chris discuss how and why Christians need to avoid lying in even everyday interactions. ¬†Additionally, Kathy Griffin’s recent media stunt brings up the question of forgiveness and accountability.

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