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Month: October 2016

Christian Duty in a Corrupt Culture

This week Chris and Rich discuss the downward decline of America as God pours his judgment on the nation.  How then should Christians live in a nation that has turned it’s back on God and pursued depravity?

James White’s Thoughts on the State of the Culture and the 2016 Election

Recently, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries discussed his thoughts on the state of the culture in America in light of the upcoming election on his program, The Dividing Line. I found this discussion to be extremely helpful from a Christian perspective. I ask our readers to view the program and give considerable thought to what Dr. White has expressed in this program. The program is two parts, both of which are contained here.

My Friend Has Left the Local Church, Now What?

This week, Rich and Chris answer a listener question about a friend who has left a church and will not go to another.  What are the defining marks of a true church? Why should we be in the church?  What do we do if we feel like we want to leave? Tune in as they discuss these topics and how we address friends and loved ones who find themselves in this situation.

Voice of Reason Radio Episode 17 Deeper Study Part 1: Evil and the Existence of God

During the last episode of Voice of Reason Radio (VORR), we discussed, “Evil and the Existence of God.” Since the subject matter is so complex, and our time on air is limited, we want to provide you with some resources to help clarify and edify you on this most important topic.

Let’s begin with John MacArthur and a sermon he gave titled, “Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?”


Reflect on This

  1.  How many types of evil are there in the world?
  2.  Can you list and name several different examples of evil?
  3.  Think of a time you were affected by a form of evil, how did you react?
  4.  Can you think of how an evil event brought you closer to Christ?
  5.  Paul was the Apostle of Suffering. How did Paul respond to suffering in 2 Corinthians 12?
  6.  Name one positive result in your life that was the result of suffering or hardship.

Evil and the Existence of God

This week Chris and Rich talk about whether the presence of evil in the world negates the existence of God.  If God exists, then why does He permit evil?  How can Christians answer and apply these difficult questions today? Tune in and find out! 

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