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Month: January 2015

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Truth or Emotion: Which Horse is Leading the Cart?

Horse and CartIn our culture, the battle for worldviews is warring at a fever pitch.  Many see the battle as being between political mindsets: conservatism, which is grounded in practical, common sense thinking that gives people the freedom to pursue their dreams; and liberalism, being grounded in the desire to level the playing field and give everyone equal chance to meet the same dreams, even if it means denying some the ability to pursue their dreams further.  This political battle is played out on the nightly news, talk radio, rallies, schools, protest gatherings, and more.  It is seen as a battle as being between political parties, between the upper class and the average Joe.  However, the political aspect of this battle is really only part of a much bigger issue.  Conservatism and liberalism must have a source for their beliefs, somewhere that they draw their thinking from.  The real battle, the one where the war for worldviews rages hottest, is between truth and emotionalism.

Not all conservatives ground their arguments in truth and it is not just liberals who argue from an emotional viewpoint.  To determine how the battle for the mind is to be fought, we must understand the weapons of our warfare.  The worldview of truth seeks to determine what is actually true, to know that which comports with reality.  Upon knowing and understanding what is true, this worldview then informs the actions and emotions of the person who is submitting to truth.  By way of example, when someone learns that the law of gravity is what holds them to the ground, they understand that stepping off a cliff will result in death or serious bodily harm.  This knowledge informs their actions and emotions.  The person fears the possible consequences of falling and steps away from the edge of the cliff.

However, the worldview of emotionalism starts with the premise that what one feels about a matter is what determines truth.  The concern is not for what comports with reality, but rather with what is perceived by the person submitting to this worldview.  Perception and emotion determine what is true in the mind of this person and their actions will follow.  To use our same analogy, if a person perceives that gravity is simply a state of mind that can be overcome through intense concentration, then no matter how much evidence is submitted, they will deny that the dangers of falling will apply to them.  Thus, their emotions and perceptions overcome reality and the possible consequences their actions.  Eventually, the person will be driven to act on their beliefs and step out over the edge.  Sadly, the denial of the actual truth will have disastrous results.

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